Mistress M

Professional Dominatrix based in Bristol
and South West England

Bristol Dominatrix - Mistress M
You are a successful and intelligent gentleman.

You know your own mind and what you want out of life. Yet, lurking in the darkest depths of your subconsciousness is an undeniable desire to relinquish control and submit to a powerful and dominant woman.

Perhaps you have already fully embraced your submission and now crave the rush you know worshipping a superior woman, like me, can bring?

Either way, we both know that life is far too short to ignore and deny such intense and arousing fulfilment. We only regret the things we don’t do.


It’s that sentiment entirely that leads me to where I am today. Regretting nothing.

Alluring Seductress

Emasculator : Sissy specialist and mentor

Men have always found me alluring. My voluptuous figure, killer smile and ‘come to bed’ eyes, prove impossible to resist.

Men delight in pleasing me and over many years I have found even greater pleasure in having them please me in increasingly humiliating, sadistic and debauched ways. I always respect limits, but confess, I do like to test them.

You will find me sensual and seductive and will immediately feel at ease. But don’t become too complacent. I am also extremely impatient and intolerant. I don’t ask twice. Be warned!

Serve Mistress in Bristol and south west England


You can’t resist temptation or deny yourself further. 


“Since Mistress M came into my life it is clear that she understands my psyche better than I do myself. She is utterly beautiful but that is only the beginning.”

Andrew, Leeds

“I have had the amazing pleasure of being able to serve Mistress M for over a year now, and was lucky enough to be locked by her permanently…”

Amber xx